Crescent Hill Baptist Church
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Captured by Christ, Grounded in Love, Consumed by God

Pursuing Personal Holiness

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Personally, I was very sad because of staying away from the Christianity. You have once again provided me an employmentboost and an opportunity to come in the activities of religion by sharing your knowledge with me.
Posted 3 months ago by Anonymous
After listening this sermon, I am feeling some kind of deep changes in my heart. I was feeling some kind of emptiness in myself before visiting and I was not able to understand what is the purpose of my life. This sermon gave me a hint about it.
Posted 2 months ago by Anonymous
Pastor Summer Collins brought an brilliant sermon at Lakeside Church approximately why we should pray and what are its important blessings. Read details here as the major theme of his sermon become that we are able to request anything from God inside the shape of pray.
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Pursuing Personal Holiness and not allowing liberty to become license.